Our line of business, in global terms, can be divided in three fields, applied to the naval and the industrial sector.
Motores Rewinding and repair of motors, alternators and water pumps
Navales Electric, naval and industral installations in general
Automatización Electric panels of control and automation process.


We are a specialized company in windings of generators and motors. We make all the range of motors, from small ones even to 1000 HP ones, as much in Alternating Current as Direct Current, and generators as far as 1230 Kw.

Our repair workshop added to our qualification's workers allow us to do in optimal conditions the repair of electrical machinery, from simple motors to complex ones, Alternating Current and Direct Current motors, Dynamos, Alternators, transformers, etc.

We are a company who in the execution of our task, can do a high efficacy and fast management to the problems of our clients, owing to the big importance which breakdown in motors, generators and the rest of electric machinery suppose to industrial process.

In addition to this, we do the preventive maintenance, as well as breakdown detection and repair in the installation places.


The huge experience which Renasur have in industrial installations allows to do remodeling in all kind of industrial units. At the same time, Renasur makes panels and installations in factories, workshops, indusrtrial units, shipyards, etc.

Our company makes repairs as well as preventive maintenance in ships, having in occasions to trip to the seaport where the ship was, even out of our borders to attend to our clients.

We do all the design and assembly of electrical installations, as much on board as in industrial plants.

We work all kind of supported (cable conduit, tray, tube...) and we have broad experience in installations included in anti-explosive classification zones. Within our staff we have workers and authorised technicians to do these jobs inside of crude refineries.


Owing to the industrial installations are the base for the functioning of any industry becoming essential to reach the ordinary usage basic needs to the final client, Renasur entrusts to develop automation projects and industrial process control, with the corresponding robots in every occasion, thanks to its technical office.

In automation and process control, we perform as much the modification of existing systems as the design and turnkey implementation system, with the delivery of the start-up of the plant or process and all the necessary documents. If that's the client requires, we also prepare training seminaries for their workers in the equipment handling.

According to projects, the used technology can vary from small logic cabled panels to big systems with more than five thousand variables, managed by PLC's and HIM equipment like tactile screens and SCADA systems.

Our investment:
Broad experience in the electric naval and industrial sector.
Human resources formed in the last technologies.
Total dedication to satisfy our clients.
Respectful with the environment, waste treatment according to the normative.