Know our verifications service of safeties and equipments.

The unceasing development of protection equipment, measures, control and automation, makes abundant and more complex the elements and systems which have to be subject to verifications, adjustment and maintenance.

For doing these tasks, it requires of effective test equipment as much in the aspect to reach all the needs that can appear in practise, as in the aspect of easy handling and transport. For this reason, Renasur counts with a broad range of certified equipments which cover all these needs.

verificación de relés, aparatos, instrumentos...

Mobile equipments for verification of relay, devices, measuring tools, circuits, automatic switchs, conductor, dielectric strength and others tests.

Calibradores de procesos multifuncionales...

Mobile equipments gauge of multifunctional processes equipped to check and calibrate almost any process parameter. They measure and generate mA, volts, temperature (RTD and thermocouples), frequency, ohm, pressure and transmitters.

Verificación de termopares y sondas Pt100

Mobile equipment of industrial temperature oven for verification of thermocouples and soundings Pt100.

Verificación de Oil in Water

Verification of Oil-in-water Monitor (separating equipment of bilge 15 ppm)

Analizador de energía y calidad de potencias...

Analyzers of energy mobile equipments, single-phase and three-phase power to offer the best analysis of electric quality. They help to find, predict, prevent and identify the energy quality problems in three-phase distribution systems and single-phase ones, measuring and quantifying the energy-loss caused by harmonious and balance problems.

Termografía por infrarrojos que permite detectar cambios...

Infrared thermography equipment which allows to detect changes, anticipating possible future problems in systems which cause the stop in plants or risks to people. In the special case of electric systems, the objective is to detect flaws testing anormal increases of temperature, caused by changes in the ohm resistance of materials.

* Infrared thermography applications:
General electric installations / low, average and high voltage lines / Transformers / Panels, connections, fuses, circuit breakers, switches, cables splice, etc / Electric motors or generators / Brushes / Mecanic installations. Reductors, brakes, bearings / Refrigerating installations / cold losses, air conditioning / Ovens, heaters, heat interchanges / Losses on Vapor lines. Liquid-vapor valves / Water pumps / Liquid levels verifications

* Infrared thermography benefits:
Inspection without contact in normal conditions of functioning. / It is not necessary to stop the productive processes. / Precise determination of defective elements. / Costs reduction by minor location times and fail repairs. / Allows to realise very precise reports, monitoring failures almost in real time. / Reduction of risks for maintenance staff.